Paul Bollhoefer from West melbourne, Florida is coming to SoFLeX 2017!

Who are you guys?

Some of us have been here right from the beginning of SoFLeX! Rob and Izzy created SoFLeX over 15 years ago and have been involved in every one from the start. Along the way, we picked up a few people in one capacity or another. Delty, Heather, and Mario have more than just a few SoFLeX'es under their belts. Bradley and Howard have helped us and the local swing scene in South Florida (running the Monday and Saturday night dances and other social events) for the last few years.

How do I register for the event?

Create a new account by clicking the "Create a New Account" button on the right. Once you create your account, and validate your email address, you can add things to your shopping cart just as you would on Amazon or another website.

To select a Weekend passes, click the "Weekend Pass" link to the right, add a weekend pass in your name, and agree to the waiver. To select a T-shirt, click the "T-shirts" link to the right, choose the color and size, and add it to your cart.

To purchase these items, make sure to select either the "Pay by Paypal" or "Pay by Check" links to the right and follow the instructions.

Do I have to create my own account or can someone else pay for both of us?

If you want to volunteer or request housing, you need to create your own account. Otherwise, you can have someone else pay for your weekend pass with their account.

So, I am booking my flight. Where do I fly into?

The answer will depend a lot on your transportation situation. We suggest flying into Fort Lauderdale Int'l Airport (FLL). It is central in Broward and closest to most of the hosts, and all of the venues. If you find it more economical or convenient, the other two options are Miami International (MIA) which is 25 miles south of the Fort Lauderdale Airport and Palm Beach International Airport which is 45 miles north of the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Note, however, you have a greater chance of needing to have your own transportation from those two alternative airports as they are further from the center of the event.

How do I request housing?

You must first create an account and purchase a weekend pass. Afterwards, click the "Request Housing" link on the right side of the page and fill out the information. We will contact you with information about your host/guests as the event nears. Housing assignments generally go out about a week prior to the exchange. Housing closes two to three weeks before the exchange or when we run out of hosts.

How do I offer to host?

First you are amazing and thank you! You must first create an account. After you create an account, click the "Offer to Host" link on the right side of the page and fill out the information. We will contact you with more information as the event nears.

I signed up for housing as either a guest or as a host but no longer need it or I can no longer host. How do I remove the request?

To remove a request for housing, click the red "X" next to the request in the box on the right side. If you have already received e-mails from our housing coordinator, or been assigned housing, please e-mail our housing coordinator directly to have your housing request removed.

Is this a 21 and up event?

No, SoFLeX technically is all ages, although alcohol will be available (cash bar) at certain venues. Please note that the legal drinking age in Florida is 21.

Do I need a car to get around?

Unfortunately, South Florida is not known for its mass transit system. Getting around without a car will be very difficult, although generally getting from dance to dance is not a problem as someone generally has room in a car. It is advisable if you aren't driving in to rent a vehicle or travel with someone that you know has a vehicle. There are tons of national and smaller rental agencies on or near airport property that have good deals even that time of the year. Typically rentals can be had for $20-$40/day depending on the company and car type. You can also try to coordinate with your host and the other guests where you are staying, although there is no guarantee they can chauffeur you around when you need it. Some of the national and local discussion threads will generally start talking things up and you might be able to hook up with a ride that way as well.

How can I get to and from the airport if I don't have a car and my host can't pick me up?

Regarding airport pick-ups, we ask that all out-of-town guests ask their host (or another South Florida buddy) to pick them up from the airport if at all possible. On FRIDAY, if your host (or buddy) is unable to pick you up from the airport, please note that we will have regular "shuttles" picking up dancers from the Fort Lauderdale Airport to take you DIRECTLY TO THE DANCES ON FRIDAY. This shuttle service is provided by generous local lindy hoppers and is lovingly called "SoFLeX Airport Pickup Program" a.k.a. SAPP. Due to time constraints, we will not be able to drop anyone off at a host's house, but will simply be providing transport to the dances. We will not be able to arrange for Miami pickups. We highly encourage flying into FLL and not MIA.

Please note that everyone is responsible for finding a way back to the airport at the end of the weekend. We will have sign-up sheets at the door on Sunday for people to share taxi-cabs or maybe someone has a space in their car) to lower the expense for people who are not able to find a ride back to the airport. But that doesn't mean it will work out for you (no spots in a car, no one leaving when you are, etc), so plan ahead! The Sunday night venue is 15 miles from the FLL airport. Please remember to be responsible about finding a ride to the airport and leaving on time, or you're going to be staying for far longer than you had planned!

If I get a host that means I just need to bring my toothbrush and clothes right?

No, although this highly depends on your host. When housing assignments go out we encourage you to coordinate with your host and the other guests. The only thing a host is obligated to do is give you a place to stay so you don't need to rent a hotel room. Some of course will be able to offer more than that (they will go to all of the events, they have spare linens, they have 12 beds) and others can just offer up floor space. Pay close attention to the questions on the housing form to give you the best chance for a good fit with your host and potential other hostees.

What if the week before I am planning to come, a tree comes crashing through my house and I really can't come now?

Refunds will be handled on an individual basis and can not be guaranteed. However, you can transfer your registration via the exchange portal.

Requests for refunds must be made in writing to prior to the event. No requests for refunds will be issued after Jan 26, 2017. Refunds that will be honored will be processed after the event has been completed. Refunds will be a full refund less a $5 processing fee.