Dana Mooney from Tampa, Florida is coming to SoFLeX 2017!

This year's SoFLeX DJ List confirmed so far...

Our out of town awesome talent!

Amy Davenport (Orlando, FL)


Amy Davenport has been actively involved in the Florida lindy hop scene for over 15 years. Along with working local dances in the Orlando area and hosting various events, for the past few years she has been a vocalist for a local swing band and a couple of big bands, getting the opportunity to sing the music we love to dance to. Miss Amy's DJ sets include a diverse collection of big band, standards, Dixieland, jump blues and swingable tunes ranging from the 30’s and 40’s to the present day. She keeps dancers engaged with a variety of tempos, rhythms and styles, while focusing on dynamic and well-recorded music that inspires dancing rather than simply accommodating it. Miss Amy champions the playfulness and pure joy of swing music and the lindy hop community, and is always excited to share them with others.

Dana Mooney (Tampa, FL) Dana

Dana started swing dancing in 2006 as a college freshman, and quickly became addicted. Swing dancing was all that mattered…until she went to her first blues dance. After that there was an insatiable hunger for late night house parties, weekly dances, traveling for exchanges, studying blues, and unearthing music that was new to her. She began DJing in 2009 and has since been honing her sound and style, which is always evolving. Dana tends to play a blend of soulful, chunky jukin’ tunes mixed in with ballroomin’ style jazz blues. She strives to give the crowd what they crave before they even know they want it.

Loreto "Lo" Agdinaoay (Cleveland, OH) Lo

"Lo". Cleveland. Home. DJ. Pittsburgh. Brassy. Ft. Lauderdale. Groovy. Columbus. Rhythm & Bluesy. 12 years. Cincy. 3-time DJ-battle champ. Orlando. Teacher. Ann Arbor. Funny. Chicago. Good-looking. DC. Brown. Toronto. Black. Atlanta. Well-traveled. Ottawa, CN. Well-dressed. Connecticut. Funk. Soul. Brother. Detroit. Schmmove. Canada. Brown. Japan. Old school. Indonesia. Fresh. Dallas. Word.

"Natch" Burke (Orlando, FL)

"Natch" Burke (Orlando, FL) Natch
Regularly performing at dance events, weddings, and parties throughout the southeast US, Natch has a reputation for keeping the dance floor packed with solid tunes. Organization and familiarization with music, along with being able to work the crowd, are what help this DJ stand out above the rest. Natch loves to introduce dancers to songs they've never heard before while keeping the old favorites mixed in as well. Like any professional DJ he's versatile, musically well-rounded, armed with backups for everything, and able to perform well in almost any genre or style. His attention to detail, willingness to spend days preparing for each performance, and ability to adapt and respond to almost any contingency make him a highly coveted DJ.

Nima Farsinejad (Atlanta, GA) Nima
Forged in the heart of Mt. Doom, otherwise known as the ATL, he has played for Swing Dancers at numerous events since 2002, Nima is not just a Swing DJ, he is an experience. It is said he once made a weeping willow laugh and he is the only one who has been allowed to talk about fight club. Cocky? Perhaps, but certainly not arrogant. During his sets Nima is in control of the minds and bodies of his audience. He is the most interesting DJ in the world and coming to a SoFlex near you.

Suzanne "Suzy-Q" Ducker (Washington DC) Suzanne

Suzanne started out ballroom dancing in South Carolina in 2004 and continued with it through college, competing and teaching. After some nudging from a friend, she went swing dancing for the first time in 2014 and was completely addicted from the very first swing out! Soon after, she began traveling for lindy events. Suzanne started djing in November of 2014 as DJ Suzy-Q, and enjoyed djing both lindy and blues at scenes around South Carolina. Since she moved to Washington DC in January, she’s been djing at the Jam Cellar and Back Room Blues. You may have caught one of her sets at CHEX, Summertime Blues, or Holy City Blues. She can’t wait to attend her first SOFLEX!!

Our local talent:

Bradley Rogers

Heather Dill-Tullo

Howard Katz

Izzy Shniadoski